Frédérique James. 21.

they/them pronouns.

Student of Japanese language and cultural history. Book enthousiast.

I write and art and take lots of selfies.

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Kim Soo Hyun & Suzy - Beanpole
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cole mohr
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College adventure #71737 : Someone was hanging their shirts to dry in the kitchen
Anonymous said: There's a painting in my school that looks an awful lot like you, I'm going to have to take a photograph some day, the resemblance is uncanny!

Oh my stars I want to see that so badly! Maybe it’s some interesting history about some ancestor. Maybe there are witches and lots of dragons. Ohhhh

"a stranger told me I look like
a person
who has found themselves
I haven’t, but I did find
I don’t really mind spending time with
until I do"  - F.J. | Musings
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Spending time before class with some kanji revision is totally punk rock.
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Women on motorcycles in England, 1930s.